Experience An Epic Trip To Israel in 2017


Trip To Israel, a country in Mideast, has an Ancient holy places, fortresses, golden beaches and skyscrapers, a country that stuns you with its picturesque combine.

Israel, dead Sea

To the south of Israel introduces the adventuresome to most of what the country has got to provide history, beaches, mountainous hamlets and also the glorious Dead Sea. we tend to draw to capital of Israel from Tel Aviv airfield, encountering stunning stretches of greenery on the approach. however quite a beauty we tend to encounter in Jerusalem pull all of the said mentioned scenery to shame. Patches of vibrant flowers at street junctions, quaint residences with sleek balconies and therefore the rhythmic framework of the previous town on the fringes of the new settlements engraved the town in our hearts in no time.


Western Wall Israel

One may spend few days exploring each nook and cranny of the previous town, however, we managed to know the magical significance of the Church of Holy Sepulcher and also the “Western wall” up single day. At “Western Wall”, it’s quite common to see Jewish men and ladies praying and weeping for the destruction of their temples within the past. By night, we were fascinated by a sound and lightweight show at the Tower Of David, demonstrating the varied invaders who tried to claim the geographical region for themselves through history.


Our next stop in Israel was the Ein Gedi collective farm, one amongst the many within the country and well-frequented because of its proximity to the Dead Sea. however before that, we had to stop at Ein Karem, a village so lovely, it had been straight out of a fairy tales. Nested in mountains and leafage, this small city was the birthplace of St John the Baptist and is a popular pilgrimage place for Christians. we enjoyed long stroll on tree fringed ways, encountering churches and a holy spring on the way.


Dead Sea Israel

The DeadSea” being the saltiest sea in the world, allows humans to float with none movement. half an hour of soaking in its distinctive composition of salts and minerals was enough to leave us feeling uniquely rejuvenated. 

Several additionally apply the curative mud from the banks of the ocean, followed by an outdoor shower and a dip in a warm sulphur pool.

Another highlight is our visit to the resort city of Eilat, known for the Dolphin Reef, Underwater Observatory and Marine Park. and after all, the Red Sea that is truly deep blue in colour.  Walking on the winding canal within the night and passing by energetic bars, fairs And alfreshco restaurants was an experience to cherish.


Credit : Ankita Shreeram

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