Places To Visit When You’re In Monsoon in India

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Places to visit in monsoon where one can welcome its earthy charm than by escaping to the tropical monsoon places in India. Soak yourself in all the glory of nature as you enjoy memorable monsoon break at these lesser known places.


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Agumbe is placed to the most beautiful trek trails in south India and is filled with innumerable waterfalls and lush greenery.There are beautiful temples that only add to the charm of the places. try to get yourself a “vanilla flavored chai” as you trek to the very top. There is a gallery from which you can see the sunset and even Arabian sea.


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A lot of things said about Goa in the rains! While in the off-season and you can’t indulge in water sports. But you will enjoy spoting dolphins all the way from the shore, Sit at a beach shack and watch the sky turn a  gray. If you’re adventurous, get on that bike and ride in the rain. Head over to Dona Paula and watch the sea swell and surge as you take in magical vistas all around.



Uttarakhand’s valley of flowers is a sight to behold. This beautiful stretch of purple stands out against the mighty white-tipped mountains. You can look at lilies,  poppy, calendulas, sediams, daisies, geraniums and petunias as you skip over beautiful water streams.



Coorg, the land of the coffee plantations, misty lanes, and winding roads.It’s recommended Coorg not just for the place, but also for the locals, they’re called “kodwas” and they’re the most hospitable and respectful people you will ever encounter. Don’t  scare by their tall structure and good looks. They serve a mean cup of “chukka kaapee” ( coffee sweetened by jaggery ). Unwind as you walk along mist-filled lanes and paddy fields.

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