Fear? Not If You Use Travel Tips The Right Way!

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Fear? Not If You Use Travel Tips The Right Way!

Travel Tip: Pack smart, travel light

Make the most of your holidays by packing all the Essentials while still traveling light and easy. Here’s travel tip to go about last minute packing for the perfect gateway.

Personal care:

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No matter where you are traveling or for how long, it’s always advisable to follow travel tip, carry your own personal hygiene and safety kit. Write from toiletries like soap, Sunscreen and moisturizer to a first aid kit containing essential medication, muscle spray, and bandages, your suitcase ought to contain all these essential items in small travel-friendly sizes. For your overseas flight, put all squeezable bottles into sealed plastic bags, since pressure changes can at times cause bottles to leak.


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This is especially true when traveling abroad; keep photo copies of all important documents such as Passport and Visa in a carry on as well as check in luggage. Also, keep a digital copy of these documents, including Identity Cards, Card Security online, along with the password and pin number separately. In your luggage, a list of all reservations (print out of your hotel confirmation emails). Don’t forget to carry any necessary contact information if you have health or travel insurance.


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You don’t want to be stuck on any idyllic Island destination without your phone charger or Power Bank, do you? Tech all Essential Electronic such as chargers, batteries, selfie stick, DSLR. Make sure no batteries are power banks are stored in your check in luggage so as to prevent last minute airport hassles. If you are traveling with a laptop, a flash drive can be handy for backing up files and photos. These are a must for listening to music, tuning into audio tours, or simply drowning out a noisy kid on the plane. Carry a Y- jack so that your partner and you can plug in headphones at the same time. Don’t forget to check in advance whether you need an electronic adaptor in the country you are traveling to.


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With the weather still warm, you will only need the bare minimum when lounging on a beach or unwinding at the riverside or tracking up a hill. Multiple pairs of Summer shorts, t-shirts and loose cotton shirt and Dresses will do the trick. Don’t forget swimming gear such a swimsuit and cap, underwater goggles, flip flops, and sunglasses. Carry light raincoat or umbrella in case you find yourself on the receiving end of an unexpected shower.

Gifts and Knick-Knacks

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Making memories and friends is an integral part of traveling and hence, it is necessary to bring along a few token gifts that will remind your friends of you. You can even load up on some local snacks to keep munching on the flight or while traveling locally. Don’t forget other knick-knacks like a torch, travel journal, water bottle and a light shoulder bag to travel light.

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